Welcome to Babies Music School Worldwide, where the parent/baby bond is cultivated through the healing power of music – and we teach you how to do it!

BMS Babies Music School Worldwide has been operative since 2014, founding in Sydney, Australia.
The founder, instructor and facilitator of BMS is Adriana von Runic (Whitington) B MUS HONS.
BMS went global since 2016 in Australia, Europe and China.

BMS is a program that focuses on music development through power of singing lullabies and multi lingual nursery rhymes to babies, mothers and even the unborn fetus. This innovative approach has proven to bring tranquility to, and increase the bond between babies and mothers and fathers.

Adriana von Runic had been teaching since 2012 to mothers and parent groups as well as private consultations with new mums all around Australia.   Adriana has been Guest Speaker and Workshop Facilitator on many occasions at the Lamaze Conference in China each year since 2015. The program has proved to be quite successful as she is invited back each year and as Adriana continues to spread knowledge and enjoyment to the rest of the world, she has gained global media attention through social media and continues to work globally, and for during the pandemic, online.

In Ireland, Adriana has conducted workshops at Shakefest 2018 in Tullamore for Pregnant Mothers, babies and unborn as well as Toddlers,all ages of Special Needs, and Schoolchildren and has facilitated The Sound Sculpture, a project originally commissioned by the Arts Council for International Women’s Day.