Adriana Von Runic has raised three children of her own.  A formal classical music education and a Bachelor of Music with a degree in singing and flute give Adriana the professional background. Teaching experience of a lifetime on three continents in different languages and cultures is the foundation for her work. She shares her abundance of different approaches to meet the needs of diverse audience and client base.

Adriana’s research is in-line with innovative education methods that reached the centenary mark like Montessori and Waldorf-Steiner have done globally. Recently, Neuroscientists are relating to brain development and the benefit of singing, reading, relating to the unborn child and early childhood (Youtube/Neuroscience Convention).

The brain is the organ which is the key to a human development.

The HEART is the organ where the blood flows and all soul and spiritual development centres.  The balance of Brain & Heart is essential which we nourish through LOVE and MUSIC.

The heart develops first, and the brain last.

The EAR is the first sense organ to develop in Utero – and it is the last we lose at death! Even deaf people hear in a way because they experience music through vibration.


Pentatonic Music in Wellness and Mindfulness

In music the five tone scale, Pentatonic music is known since the beginning of humanity, as a source of healing and calming. Musicologists have found in world-music that most indigenous cultures are based on the five tone scale. The animal kingdom creates melodies of pentatonic sound.

Adriana teaches pentatonic music to mothers, parents, child carers, kindergarten teachers and the young including the unborn around the world.
Adriana uses musical instruments of the Swedish brand CHOROI and also the Sounding Bowl .
These non-electronic music instruments customised to the child needs, guarantee highest quality of sound. The player creates a pentatonic healing sound, rich in overtones. All tones harmonise which frees the player from inhibition and fear of making a mistake.