The BMS Mission Statement:

“Empowerment through song”
MUSIC is there for all people.
The sound of music speaks to all living beings.
Music is ‘sound-vibration-colour-movement-emotion-sensory experience’.
Music is the universal language that speaks to the heart.

Our goal is to encourage and create:

  1. Peaceful babies
  2. Happiness & joy
  3. Awareness
  4. Introduction of languages through song .
  5. Making your own children’s songs via your formula. 10 mins process –  start with words then make a rhyme & then make our own song book etc.

The Importance of Music between Mother and Baby:

All the BABY needs is love-warmth-MUSIC and mother’s voice and smile

BMS practices “IN UTERO” for pregnancy – “Heart Beat is The Rhythm of Life.”

The first SOUND the foetus in Utero (baby in the womb) perceives is the sound of water in       which it grows. The first RHYTHM the foetus perceives is the mother’s heart beat. The first MELODY the foetus perceives is the mother’s voice.
BMS encourages the mother to sing to her child and create for the baby the first experience of music!

BREATHING is Life-force, CHI – listen to the breathing and heart beat-calm yourself and your baby. The first eye contact at birth is a key to bonding and relationship because it releases OXYTOCIN (falling in love Hormone) and a Hormone cocktail of 9 different ingredients that make baby and mother fall in LOVE.

BMS Collaborated with Barbara Harper in China with Music in Utero 2014-2017