Adriana von Runic of Babies Music School has been conducting workshops and seminars for expectant mothers, parents and infants, parents and babies regularly since 2014.  She introduces special instruments specifically designed for soothing and inspiring our little ones, called ‘Choroi’ instruments (and especially Sounding Bowls) which create a wonderful zen sound, as well as a soothing array of lullabies for mothers and parents to learn and to use to bond with their baby.

Unborn, newborn or older babies respond very directly to the hum of the mother’s voice which  creates an immediate calming and invigorating effect.  BMS successfully aims at helping mummy, daddy and baby to get better night sleeps, and help reduce the onset of postnatal depression and anxiety while enhancing the bonding experience by empowering you with these fun and inspiring musical tools.


1 Hour BMS Introductory Workshop


3 Day BMS Seminar

(Crossfields UK Accreditation optional)