3 DAY SEMINAR – *Crossfields Institute UK Certified

(BMS accreditation has two levels:

Certificate of attendance (cost €1,000)

Certificate of practitioner (cost €100 extra as £80 goes to Crossfields UK)


Crossfields Institute UK is British University Standard


As part of BMS Babies Music School, Adriana also provides a very interesting and intensive 3 day seminar in which mothers or parents can learn an inspiring amount of empowerment in the enjoyment and bonding process with their infants!  This seminar also directly encourages empowerment and opportunity to also go forward to help teach and inspire other mothers, fathers or parents in the wonderful soothing and bonding process of music themselves.

Here is an itinerary of the curriculum of the Babies Music School 3 day seminar:


BMS 3- Day – Seminar

Day 1

Introduction -BMS values and philosophy

Signature BMS Rainbow Song & Mission Statement (Mozart)

Group Activity – Icebreaker – introduction of everyone followed by

BMS Tool #1 Voice your name – listening exercise and “awakening observation” this is also the homework for the day ; The Unveiling of the Voice- the human voice is the ultimate musical instrument-

Lecture by Adriana von Runic BMS Music In Utero – communication in pregnancy

Q&A discussion


Introduction of:

BMS Tool #2 pentatonic instruments -the musician within everyone; learn the

BMS Tool #3 Signature Song in three steps;

Group Activity

BMS Tool #4 Give and Receive – listening exercise ; musical Q&A exercise;

Plenum discussion


Day 2

Signature BMS Rainbow Song & Mission Statement (Mozart)

Share homework task “awakening observation”

BMS Tool #5 Breathing 3-step- method- new homework for the day

BMS Tool #6 Body Tone

BMS Tool #7 Birthing Sound “U”

BMS Tool #8 Sound Sculpture


BMS Tool #9 How to make a song – create your signature song, or a birthing song or a lullaby (couple or individual activity)

BMS Tool #10 The Four Elements – Group Activity

Presentation – recording (if attendees agree)

Q&A , sharing

Plenum discussion


Day 3

Signature BMS Rainbow Song & Mission Statement (Mozart)

Share home work task “Breathing – observation”

BMS Tool #11 The Fishbone – lesson plan

BMS Tool #12 teaching practice – chose one BMS Tool and present a 5min BMS mini lesson


BMS Tool #13 Sound painting – story telling and improvising with BMS instruments / Group Activity


Photo shoot