Waldorf-Steiner Teacher Training Seminars – music module

Montessori Teacher Training – music module

The BMS Module for teachers is based on Adriana’s expertise of lifelong music intruction and research with the wholistic approach and understanding of the human being through Anthroposophy.  Two methods of wholistic approach that reached the centenary mark are Waldorf-Steiner (Anthroposophy) & Montessori.

The point of difference in the Waldorf – Steiner method is that it is based on the cosmology and multi – dimensional method of the ‘Science of Spirit’ (Geisteswissenschaft) by Rudolf Steiner;  both Steiner and Maria Montessori were contemporaries.  Both started their method with adult education to improve public education in Europe at the turn of century of 1900. Both were asked to also further their successful methods for children.  A difference was also that Montessori was a psychologist (at her time groundbreaking as Sigmund Freud started the science of Psychology).

Rudolf Steiner’s PhD is in philosophy but his first academic degree was in mechanical engineering.  Steiner was a Theosophist and later founded the Anthroposophical Society which is clearly non-denominational and free thinking.  Although both education systems are free of religion today, the worldview of both differ. 



Adriana is connected with Slovenia Free Waldorf School training Korašček, Australia Sydney Rudolf Steiner Centre, MELBOURNE Michel Centre, China Guangzhou Panyu Waldorf Training Centre and China Li Yu Er Centre Beijing.

Adriana has been training teachers in both education streams successfully, and has lectured at the Beijing University Education Department in 2011.

She can instruct teachers in the Waldorf-Steiner method within a certified Waldorf School center.


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