BMS Babies Music School specializes in inspiring all ages towards a musical journey through senses and storytelling, and how to integrate music into our daily lives.

Adriana Von Runic’s musical instruction and therapies also meets a wide range of needs and ages besides pregnancy, infancy and wobblerhood including Kinder Pre-school, Primary School 5-9 years, Middle School 10-14, Secondary School 15-18, Tertiary education adult Seminars , Pregnancy & Birthing , parenting, child care, elderly & aged care.

Through introducing the concept of Pentatonic Music through the Choroi instruments, all groups in their levels of need can explore and enjoy instrumental sound in a very relaxed, gentle and open minded environment.  BMS is the Rainbow Gate through singing and classical music from pre-birth to old age!

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Toddlers, School Children and Teenagers

Teacher Training

Special Needs

Elderly and Dementia/Alzheimer’s Patients